Setting Up PS4 Remote Play

Steve Nielsen


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PS4 Remote Play is a handy feature. It allows streaming your games to the desktop and other compatible/synchronized gadgets. Besides, you can arrange local gameplay with your buddy joining in from the computer. So if your TV is occupied by someone watching fashion TV-shows or a Saturday night football game, we've got a solution for you!

Step 0 — What You Need to Have

Before getting to business, make sure you have everything mentioned on the list:

  • Windows 8.1/10 or MacOS X High Sierra/Os X Mojave;

  • Intel Core i5-560M Processor 2.67GHz or better;

  • 100 MB for Windows or 40 MB for MacOS of free disk space;

  • Internet connectivity with at least 5 Mbps;

  • 2 GB RAM;

  • USB Port.

If you plan to synchronize PS4 with a mobile device, you will need:

  • Apple device with at least iOS 12.1 or later;

  • Xperia device with at least Android 5.0 (Lollipop).

Everything checks out? Go to the next step.

Step 1 — Preparing Your Console

To make things happen, you need to prepare the ground basis for the whole operation. Take you PlayStation and:

     1.   Activate Remote Play. Follow the route: Settings → Remote Play Connection Settings → click Enable Remote Play.

     2.   PS4 activation. Settings → PlayStation Network/ Account Management → Activate as Your Primary PS4 Activate.

     3.   Enable Remote Play. Now select Settings → Power Save Settings → Set Features Available in Rest Mode.

Congrats! The first step has been made. But there are a few nuances to take care of. If you want to be able to "wake" your PS4 from the sleep mode remotely using other devices, do this:

     1.   Go to the Settings menu;

     2.   Select Power Save settings;

     3.   Open Set Features available In Rest Mode;

     4.   Enable both Stay Connected to the Internet/Enable Turning on PS4 from Network.

Excellent, now you will be able to activate the console distantly from the dormant mode.

Step 2 — Remote Play App Installation

Your PlayStation is ready to be synchronized with a supported gadget of your choice. But before that happens, you need to install the Remote Play app (link below).

     1.   Download Remote Play for your platform;

     2.   Launch the installation file and follow the instructions;

     3.   As soon as it's completed, run Remote Play app.

Note:  in some cases, instructions may require you to install extra software. It can be a DualShock desktop driver or another additional soft. Do that if requested.

Step 3 — Finishing the Job

Okay, the worst part is behind. You're almost there. Just a few last touches:

     1.   Turn on your PlayStation (if it's still inactive);

     2.   Connect the DualShock 4 to your desktop;

     3.   Launch Remote Play App on the computer;

     4.   Click Start;

     5.   Sign in using the same account that you used before for your PlayStation.

After that, the Remote Play app will do some scanning, find your console and synchronize it with the desktop. As it's over — play all you want. Congrats, you pulled it off!

Step 4 — Mobile Devices

Your PS4 can be accessed from a mobile gadget as well. In the case of Apple gizmos, anything with iOS 12.1 or later will do fine. As for Android, only Sony Xperia devices are available for synchronization. Alas. 

On iOS or Sony Xperia:

     1.   Download Remote Play for your platform;

     2.   Install the app;

     3.   Connect the phone to your local Wi-Fi network;

     4.   Sign in the PS4 account;


So What's the Gain?

With the Remote Play App, you can savor your treasured PS4 titles non-stop. If the TV is occupied or in the repair shop, you can painlessly proceed with your adventures in Phantom Pain, Bloodborne, Uncharted 4, Monster Hunter, etc. Besides, if you have just one DualShock at the moment, your friend can join in from a mobile device or desktop.