Rules of Using Teleport in Minecraft

Steve Nielsen


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There is no better way to travel across the huge Minecraft map than with a teleport. It is quick and easy. But you still need to learn where to find it and what to do. This is not the most obvious ability in the game.

Mobile or PC?

There is a different approach to the teleportation for mobile, PC and consoles platforms. The process differs depending on the platform you use. This is not actually bad. The controls of the game are still different, developed for users’ convenience. Same works for teleports. Of course, if you want to switch platforms, you’ll have to learn controls again.

What Can You Actually Do?

You will quickly learn how to use teleport on different platforms after the first attempt. To do this, just follow the tutorial we have made for you. Don’t worry, there is nothing hard in it. For your convenience, we separated platforms.

PC and Minecraft’s Teleport Rules

  • Go to the Minecraft game on the PC;

  • Don’t hurry, create the world or load it;

  • Go to the place you want to teleport in the future;

  • On PC press F3+FN+F3. On Mac press Alt+Fn+F3. It will display your coordinates on the mini-map. Save the coordinates in the text document or write them down somewhere. You will need them for a teleport;

  • Now, when you decide to teleport, press the/key on the keyboard and open console;

  • Enter the command “teleport name x y z” where you replace the “name” with the name of your character, “x” with east/west coordinate, “y” with the vertical coordinate, and “z” with north/south coordinates. It will be in the order that original coordinates were given;

  • There is a way to teleport to the location of another player. Just switch the user name and coordinates into the command;

  • After you have typed everything down, hit “Enter” and go.

Teleporting in Minecraft on Console

Unlike the situation with PC, on the console, you able to teleport on the location of another player. You can’t teleport if you don’t have a multiplayer world. So, here is how to teleport on Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch:

  • Open the Minecraft from the main menu of your console;

  • Pick “Play Game” and the world that you want to download, but don’t start the process;

  • Go to the “Game Options” and check whether the “Host Privileges” work;

  • Now select “Load” and click “OK” when the warning on the lack of leaderboard updates and achievements appear;

  • Now press “Options” on the touchpad for PS4 and on your Xbox to open the Host menu;

  • Select “Host options” and “Teleport to Player”;

  • You will see the list of all players playing in a chosen world. Select one of them and teleport there.

Minecraft Teleportation on Mobile

You can try to teleport from a mobile platform. It is harder than on the PC, as there is no physical keyboard to type coordinates. But it is possible:

  • Open the game and load the world;

  • Tap the top right corner of the display and open pause menu;

  • Open Settings and turn Cheats on to enable the teleportation option;

  • Close this menu and pick “Resume Game”;

  • Tap Chat icon at the top of your display;

  • Get the coordinates and hit the test box. Type “Your Username ~ ~ ~ ”, replacing username with your actual username in Minecraft. It will show you the current coordinates;

  • Open the Chat icon again. Type “YouUsername X Y Z” in it. X – east/west coordinates, Y is a vertical coordinate, and Z – is north/south;

  • Pick the Enter button for teleport.

Which Platform is the Best for Teleport?

Actually, every platform has its own pros and cons. While you may think that a mobile version of navigation is the hardest, you have to try it yourself. After that, you will realize that it is not hard at all. We often use our phones to type messages and it is easy to type something in the open box as well. There is not so much text to remember and type down. All you have to do is type your name and a few numbers. The console offers the most limited options for teleportation. This is true. However, it provides you unique experience of the game. And it is extremely easy to teleport to other players’ world, just pick their names from the list.

How Often do You Use Teleport?

While Minecraft developers continue to brag about teleport convenience, not many players use it. What about you? Have you tried it? Do you find it convenient? If not, how do you prefer to travel across the Minecraft? You can also share your favorite Minecraft cheats in the comments below.