On the Watch for the Outer Worlds

Steve Nielsen


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The Outer worlds is a single-player sci-fi role-playing game intended for PC, Xbox One and PS4. It is still coming but the rumors fly already. The announced date of its release is October 25th, 2019. And now you can afford preorder. As we can judge on the information available at the current moment, Obsidian Entertainment has managed to create the involving dark and witty player-driven story.

In Details

The story develops in the space colony located on the edge of the galaxy. You will navigate a character waking up after cryosleep that lasted 70 years on a colonist ship transporting passengers to this new Halcyon colony. There is a scientist who helps you to decide how to save the other frozen people. You choose from two sides: corporate authorities and this scientist. You are also free to play both sides against each other. The story has multiple endings, and, in some way, you will decide how it is going to unfold.

Outer Worlds gameplay

Be careful when you make your choice because your every move affects the following events and your character progression.
The Outer Worlds provides a wide range of various options which make your playing experience rich in fresh elements. You will be suggested to apply different melee sci-fi weapons or choose the negotiable solution of the conflict. Apply spoken diplomacy and any other tools which you can imagine to succeed. There are really a lot of ways to behave. You can even delegate leadership to other characters if you suppose it to be the right thing to do. Enjoy this replayability and enhance your skills within this unusual reality.

But this is not only about focusing on a player-driven story. Here you will see a new universe with breathtaking surroundings, humor, depth, and more. The developers are really strong in creating exceptional single-player role-playing games. We are sure that fans excited for the launch of the Outer Worlds will be satisfied with the result.

You are suggested to support this game right now by subscribing to the official YouTube page, and joining it on Twitter and Facebook. For the first year, the Window PC version will be available at the Microsoft Windows Store and Epic Games store. Later it will be transferred to various digital PC retailers.

All Kidding Aside

Outer Worlds character

The developers say that they have made the game they always wanted. This is a title where player agency matters meaning that this is a story of a player. You are free to change approaches to keep any situation under control in the way you like. You are not obliged to behave in a specified manner.

The Outer Worlds is unmistakably one of the best games of this developer that provides a rich gaming experience full of dark humor, stunning environments, and amazing characters. But we are really interested: How much freedom is too much? Aren’t you afraid of responsibility?