Fresh PUBG Update 1.18 — What Can It Do?

Nataly Janssen


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Less than a week ago PUBG got a fresh update dubbed 1.18, released specifically for consoles. However, don't get too excited: it's merely a technical improvement that should fix some glitches. No new plotlines, weaponry, cosmetics or arenas have been included. So what does patch 1.18 do?

Squashing Bugs

PUBG latest major update released in July 2019 turned out to be somewhat buggy. Shortly after it had been downloaded by the community, numerous reports and complaints started pouring in. Players couldn't join PUBG matches because it wouldn't let them do so due to crashing. The game has been collapsing like a shot down a helicopter, even if they tried to just access lobbies. And lobby capacity could be perfectly fine at the moment.

A brief investigation has been conducted. As a result, the tech-support provided this comment[1]: "In this time a hotfix will be applied to resolve instances of game crashing caused by weapon charms and rendering issues." This time PUBG Corp did a really good job by being so operative: as a rule, console players feel a bit neglected when it comes to patching.

But no new gameplay elements will be seen in the 1.18 patch. It's just an anti-bug remedy. However, the preceding update has brought us some worthy stuff. First off, we got a reconnaissance amphibious vehicle BRDM-2 from Russia. Second, the handgun arsenal has been graced with the famous Desert Eagle. And finally, PS4 and Xbox got the ledge grab mechanics.

Player's Unknown Battleground is available for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and also both iOS/Android. The current update is exclusive for console platforms. No plans regarding the next major update have been disclosed.

The Player is Still Unknown...

Are you happy with your PUBG console version? Do you experience any bugs or glitches? Share your experience with us and also help authors improve the game with your feedback! For suggestions or troubleshooting visit the game official page.