Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Goes Mobile

Nataly Janssen


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The cult mobile adventure of 2003 turned out to be so influential that it was remastered within the franchise, just in order to bring it to newer consoles. But it isn’t enough: the remastered Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles will be released for mobile devices later in 2019.

What’s New and What’s Good

It’s the position of the developers that the game should only be remastered, with no significant changes in narrative, gameplay, and controls. Well, the remastered visuals will be easy to optimize for mobile devices that boast Full HD or even Quad HD screens.

But what about controls? A touchscreen will inevitably suppose some changes in controlling the protagonist, and it means that refilling the crystals will be even harder. But isn’t that the new experience the old game needs to restore its attraction? Anyway, it’s the work to be done, because the game is also planned on Nintendo Switch, with its specific Joy-Cons and touchscreen.

It’s great to have a mobile version announced along with the console ones, not later, which means the mobile players will have the full version of the game, with all the content. The release is scheduled probably in December 2019.