Top 8 Evil Shelters in Video Games

Nataly Janssen


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You can’t be actually bad if you don’t have your secret shack where you are hiding gold, princesses, hostages, chemicals or other things you like. All the greatest video games offer us a whole new world with well-developed good and evil. And while we used to admire the dwelling of good character, we can’t deny that some residences that evil choose are just fabulous.

It does not have to be a gloomy cave with no windows, little personal space and decorated with white bones only. A true villain would never neglect to show off in front of their rival. Let’s look into the best of the best lairs of true evil. Perhaps they will inspire you somehow or just help to decide on your own house decorations.


Diablo poster

Evil: Diablo and Hell

That cannot be good, right? This is an odyssey where you go deeper into hell to meet Diablo himself, the biggest evil in the world. So, actually, you’ve been traveling in Diablo’s residence from step one. There are numerous demons instead of house décor, and pentagrams everywhere.

Everything in this habitat is in the red, brown, and yellow colors, trendy this autumn. But unlikely you will be able to enjoy the atmosphere because of numerous enemies and their intention to kill you. You may wander around for a while, at your own risk. At least, Diablo does not need to think about the heating season.

Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 poster

Evil: Mouthpiece and his Cathedral

You are at Pandora. You just fought Shiv, and you feel so mighty, you can actually crush the galaxy. Before that, you were surviving in the dunes and reached the Propaganda Station, where Children of the Vault were living. Now their era is over.

So, Cathedral is nothing like a lair of some evil guy. It does not have the usual furniture you can see in the fortress of evil. It is amazingly colorful. You can actually love it if not for the Mouthpiece and his devilish plans.


Castlevania poster

Evil: Dracula and his Castle

It definitely looks as Gothic as it can get. And we all know why. The legendary Dracula lives here and probably reads his morning/evening newspapers in a cozy coffin. The architecture of the castle is something you have to check out. Just feel yourself a tourist for a while, walking through all the gothic halls. Forget about Dracula for a moment.

It feels like this castle is built with love. And we know why Dracula prefers to stay in it for centuries. You will definitely want to buy yourself a Dracula’s castle tourin Romania after that.

Mega Man

Mega Man poster

Evil: Doctor Wily and his castle

After the great job you have done with killing all these evil robots, you can finally enter the gate of the castle where Dr. Wily builds his cruel plans. And actually, there are not so many skeletons there. This is just a lonely but huge castle that belongs to a mad person, addicted to building deadly robots. Of course, there are numerous traps in the castle. What did you expect from a tech genius?

The whole castle looks like a giant skeleton twisted in a weird way. You can go through it or walk into some other castle by mistake. This one was doomed to be evil from the very beginning.

Tekken 7

Tekken 7 poster

Evil: Mishima clan and their building

Heihachi Mishima is a boss character in almost all Tekken series. He is the leader of the Mishima clan, and he has to take care of them. So, it was rather thoughtful of him to buy a whole skyscraper and arrange the fights in it.

It is a nice investment, after all. Skyscrapers are valuable these days. You can always lead business meetings there, welcoming your family and friends or torturing your enemies in the other room. It is well-developed and amazingly equipped, perfect for fights, but barely suitable for living.

Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy VIII poster

Evil habitat: Deep-Sea Research Center

The main problem arises when the biggest evil of all escaped from its prison. There is no way to protect yourself. You have to lock the creep deep inside our planet and make sure he will never come back again. Is it actually possible to lock him forever? According to the genre, this mission is impossible. If there is a house or prison for the eternal creature, someday he will get out. No walls will stop him. So, possibly, the best idea would be to imprison the evil in a place with no walls. This is not our problem anyway.

Now you have to go and explore the research station abandoned many years ago. While you are hoping to get out of there unharmed, you can’t leave unnoticed the weird beauty of the place. This is possibly the best habitat of evil made in the steampunk style. All these pipes and vines are simply great. And don’t forget to take a good look at the ancient temple where the evil was locked. The windows of this center reflect the amazing view of the ocean. Probably you will die there, entering the temple. But this view is still the best.

Batman: Arkham Asylum

Batman: Arkham Asylum poster

Evil habitat: the mind of Bruce Wayne

If you have not seen it coming, you probably don’t know Wayne and his dark Batman’s thoughts at all. Of course, to live in Bruce’s head is unbearable, unlike in his stylish huge mansion in Gotham. But you got what you got. His mind comes in a package.

Bruce is actually his own biggest enemy, and we all know it. So when Scarecrow poisoned Wayne’s mind and body with a fear gas, we saw the real habitat of Batman’s nightmares. And it does not look cozy at all. Everything is deadly there.

Destiny: The Taken King

Destiny: The Taken King poster

Evil: Oryx and his spaceship Dreadnaught

What can be better than to build your evil lair in space? Destiny series may be losing its popularity with time, but Oryx, the ancient evil with his gloomy and creepy ship, is a miracle. Possibly, Bungie was trying to refresh the franchise with The Taken King with the new evil that had a Sword Logic of Hive. Anyway, this is one of the best evil dwellings we saw.

Dreadnaught has an enormous number of weird chambers. Yes, it is also decorated with the skeletons of his foes. You can feel the despair of all the glorious soldiers that died here. Despite the remains of human beings that you can find walking through Dreadnaught, it has amazing architecture. Amazing, yet deadly.

Which One is the Best?

It is hard to judge. While some of us may be fans of good old castles, others prefer spaceships. There may be those who’ve loved extraordinary skyscrapers filled with evil bullies since the Die Hard franchise. But we all love steampunk underwater research stations for sure, and only a few of us will buy the property in hell.

All of these habitats may not be filled with love and joy, and can probably lead you to a painful death, but at least they are unique and interesting. Each of the lairs from the list suits perfectly the evil boss that lives in it. Some of them are less picky in decorations, some of them don’t even care about the lack of walls. Others, like Dracula, believe that the home is the place where you want to come back.

Your Choice

While we gathered here the top 8 habitats of the video games’ bad guys, the list is far from complete. You may share your own list of the best lairs of games’ monsters you admire. Just make sure that this property belongs to the creatures with the darkest souls and hearts. The worse they are, the more interesting it is to see their lair.

You may explain your choice as well. Maybe we missed something truly great on the list. Tell us what you think about these places and whether you love them or not.