Choose Your Best Strategy Game for PS4

Steve Nielsen


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Strategy games are not for everybody. They require skillful thinking and involvement. You can hardly play them among other things as if completely on the go. You should follow the plot, plan your actions, explore the environment, complete smart challenges, and more. The games of this kind have a solid scope and strong opponents. You should not confuse them with puzzle games because here you will always find a conflict instead of your pure performance of challenges. In strategy games, the rules are defined and the goals are set. You are expected to find the best decision under such circumstances. There are a lot of fans of this genre, that is why the developers provide quite rich variety of titles. I am going to regard the best ones developed in particular for PlayStation 4 this year.


X-COM 2 gameplay

This turn-based strategy game can boast of rich capabilities with plenty of moves, skills, tools, and more. It is about aliens who have conquered the world. Those of XCOM who stay alive, try to resist and continue to work hard staying in the shadows. They devote themselves to rescue the human race and get ready for revolt. One day they fight back.

You will play this game in a group of four or six soldiers. You will navigate a character which heads a team of XCOM operatives of various specializations. Every member enhances their skills by leveling up. This is the key mission to fight with invaders, but in addition, you will do a lot of things like building up a base, develop efficient weapons, research new technology. Here the mechanics allow moving units across the level making them more efficient. But you should be careful not to move too far and fast so that you are able to fight off the attacks. Ensure that you are aware of the requirements of every mission. Here you can face random additions, and that improves replayability. The XCOM 2 is really worth your attention. We would say that it is the best strategy for PlayStation 4, not least because it grants access to the best DLC. The only thing should be taken into account: the gameplay can be brutal.

Banner Saga Trilogy

Banner Saga Trilogy gameplay

If you are looking for a game that is the best value for money, you should grab this one. Its plot takes you to the middle of an apocalypse. This is the bronze age, and you are in a Viking caravan to solve the problems of various natures including those which are connected with the army. There are 48 characters to choose from. The one you navigate will fight against enemies protecting his people. As you understand, there are two missions. The first one is battling. You are expected to master various moves, weapons, and skills. Strategy thinking is needed here as well as good luck. The second task is to settle disputes and manage resources in your caravan when there are no combats. You should be keen on talking to various people, to understand and persuade them.

All things around are stressful, so you will have a lot of things to do. Your goal is to keep the people alive. The graphics are well-done with perfect depth. Here you will see hand-drawn animation. We would say that you get three perfect games in one package.

Cities Skyline

Cities Skyline gameplay

If you are fond of building, this game is your primary choice. Here you will create a beautiful city. You will start from scratch and fulfill your project watching the houses grow. A little settlement will be transformed into a metropolitan center. Follow this process, beginning from a bare plot of land, ending with the skyscrapers. In addition to pure building, you will be engaged in management. You are suggested to arrange water access, to open schools, to keep residential and industrial districts in order. There are so many things to do. Make every aspect of the city work.

You will cope with traffic congestion and think over logical traffic routes. You should understand how to build roads in the best way in order to provide the city with safety. You are allowed to experiment — this activity will be enjoyed by many players. Balance between beauty and functionality. Remember that it is not recommended to build a lot of avenues with trees and unusual winding roads and at the same time to refuse logical grids. Do not forget about garbage collection and sudden building fires, which ruin the constructions. You will even face with dead body removal. There will be a lot of problems.

When you level up, you increase the city and get new wonders. 

Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark

Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark gameplay

Among retro games this one truly stands out. It combines elements of RPG and strategy. This mix will make you immerge into this game. You will enjoy hand-painted pixelated graphics and many customization options allowing you to create the characters you like. We bet the game reminds you of the gaming experience you had in your childhood. Be ready for grid-based combats. Your character named Arbiter Kyrie leads the army to protect his land. There are a lot of items and weapons to unlock while fighting. 

The strongest point of this game is character customization with endless details including even fighting skills. You are able to combine various abilities and moves to become even more powerful and get magic active abilities. It is possible to create hybrid mages/assassins and debilitating masters. Add the powerful gears and much-needed consumables to your collection. You will spend some time and effort to find them, but it is too important to refuse. Playing this game, you will forget about the reality, diving in it completely. You will hunt down secret badges and unlock secret monsters which will increase your retinue. Think how you’d better apply a particular item and ability to the character. Your every success here leads to advancement in various forms like new shops and classes. It is true that the combat system and the story are apparently a bit weaker here.

Tropico 5

Tropico 5 gameplay

And finally, we suggest the best simulator in our opinion. This game will show you how you can build a powerful country from a tiny deserted island. Do not hesitate and start playing because you will not find the analogue on the market. You will navigate the whole family of characters running this island for a long time. You will build simple houses, plantations, and earn money to spend them on constructions. Leveling up, you will get access to new buildings and challenges. And remember that you are surrounded by superpowers, be ready to interact with the USSR and America, make choices and follow the consequences. You should develop the relationships and avoid getting into trouble. It is important to set the budgets for every project and find out the places to send the resources to. 

You will be expected to provide your people with food but think twice. Perhaps you’d better invest the money and earn more. Just feel the responsibility that your every step and choice bring consequences. But this is not the end. Gradually, your island is becoming so updated that its factions start suggesting their own ideas to manage Tropico in the best way. Are you going to follow their plans or refuse them and insist on your decisions? There are a lot of details but the story itself is quite straightforward. It adds diversity to the game but should not confuse you. When you succeed, you will get powerful abilities.

Diverse Offer

If you have this eighth-generation video game console for home usage, you know that it is one of the best consoles with easy functionality and high quality. It is developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment which provides players with stunning games. You should set up your account in order to access the network where you can see what is new and communicate with people from your Friends list. It is allowed to invite other players to start some game regardless of their locations. Here you can count on the best game content of various kinds. Go to PlayStation Store to buy whatever you want and save your budget with discounts.

In general, PlayStation can boast of a vast collection of strategy games making you think about what you are going to do. There are various plots. You will fight off aliens, participate in combats, build settlements, construct gears, and more. Everybody will find something interesting for themselves. Every year, we get fresh gaming experience in this genre. In 2019 I would pick out XCOM 2.

This is a unique example of the game where there are no weak points. You will like its super mechanics, stunning graphics, and, of course, the engrossing story. But any game of the above list is worthy of your attention. PlayStation 4 suggests a solid choice of strategy products that will give you a lot of fun.