10 Things We Want To See in Nintendo Switch Pro

Nataly Janssen


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It is expected that 2020 will be a turnout year for the gaming industry. We expect the releases of such popular games as Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition, Doom Eternal, and Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Besides those, we also wait for the start of sales of Sony’s PlayStation 5, Microsoft’s Xbox Series X, and Nintendo’s Switch 2 or Pro. And although the first two companies have accurately confirmed their intentions to release two new products and even talked about key games and features, the release of Nintendo Switch Pro is not yet officially confirmed. But this does not stop rumors from spreading. So, if it turns out to be true, what should we expect from the new console? Based on our experience of playing Nintendo Switch, we gathered 10 things we want to see improved in a second version or the ones that will probably change very soon. 

#1: Price for Nintendo Online May Increase

To tell the truth, getting access to Nintendo Online for only £17.99 a year is a very profitable bargain for gamers. For this price, you can play all the games in Nintendo’s library without limits. We agree with you that sometimes the platform experiences glitches or freezes during playing, and the games library is not very large. But Nintendo is now actively working on resolving technical problems and expanding its library. Hence, our concern is that the price will not hold on that level for so long. With the improvement of the quality of the platform, the addition of advanced features and the release of new versions, it is likely that the price will jump up very soon.

#2: More Multiplayer Games Online

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Today, people enjoy multiplayer games going online. It is very easy and convenient to join the party game in any period of the day. Therefore, for the vast majority of people, this factor is among the most crucial facts that influence the decision to choose a certain gaming platform. In fact, Nintendo can not yet boast either the simplicity of the playing in multiplayer games or the simplicity of development. We expect things to change in the new Nintendo Switch Pro.

#3: Greater Coverage Of The Situation With Retro Studios

Retro Studios have been remaining one of the most successful subsidiaries of Nintendo for more than 20 years. They stand behind the development of such popular games like Mario Kart, Metroid Prime, and Donkey Country. However, a lot of strange things have emerged, signaling that the company has problems in recent times. Among them, there is a drop of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze in 2014, the rumors about closing Metroid Prime 4, and a lot of other ambiguous info. It would be very cool to see among the first games developed for the new platform, at least one game from Retro Studios. 

#4: To See a Metroid Prime 4

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Since we already remembered Retro Studio in the last paragraph, it would be foolish not to talk about Metroid Prime 4. The company spent a lot of its resources and effort on increasing interest to the fourth entry of the game, which has not yet been released. Not knowing the exact details and reasons for the delay, we can only make guesses about what happened. However, despite this, the franchise is still one of the most popular and profitable, so it would be nice to see Metroid Prime 4 on Nintendo Switch 2.

#5: A Virtual Console

It is very realistic that we will see the N64 emulator or Gamecube. But the latest news, like a dropping of SNES selection, showed that it will not happen soon. But the launch of the virtual console is one of the most crucial things Nintendo has to rethink. Otherwise, gamers will not be available to play Super Mario Sunshine until 2021 or so. 

#6: High-quality Online Playing

We have already mentioned that Nintendo Switch has a lot of problems with online playing, especially multiplayer games. Each new online game that is a fresh release on the platform has many freezes and glitches. Of course, the company tries to quickly fix bugs, but it does not completely eliminate them. Obviously, multiplayer online games are not a strong side of the platform. But if Nintendo still wants to stay afloat, they need to solve this problem as soon as possible.

#7: A Sequel To Breath Of The Wild

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Breath Of The Wild is the legend game released for Nintendo Switch. Not so long ago, developers announced their plans to release a new version in 2020. But there are no dates or other more detailed information. Of course, we do not want the game to be made in a hurry, which, of course, will affect its quality, but it would be very desirable to get more information about it. What is the planning price? What is the release date? What are the key features of the gameplay? These questions are still open. 

#8: Price Revisions Of The Most Popular Games

Nintendo offers three most popular games that you most probably will never play on another console: Breath Of The Wild, Mario, and Zelda. Despite the fact that these games were released long ago, their prices have not changed since that time. Sometimes you will see special offers during which you can buy the games on sale. But these are usually  limited-time offers.

#9: DLC With Better Quality

It should not be a surprise to you if we say that games are quite expensive. That is why before forcing people to buy another DLC for $ 15, you must be sure that it is worth it. Nintendo has some problems with it. We hope that they revise their opinion about paid DLC as soon as possible. 

#10: Dock Change

One of the important characteristics of the console is how quickly you can switch from a portable device to playback on a TV. Nintendo uses the Dock for this, which is rather inconvenient, and its design has not changed since the first release. We hope that this will change soon.

What Do You Want To Add? 

We want you to complete our Wish List. Who knows, maybe somebody from Nintendo will read our article and get the inspiration for their fresh ideas. Write in the comments below what you’d like to add to the new Nintendo Switch 2?