Top-10 Card Games: Must-Haves for Your Phone


China invention of the Tang dynasty times. Spreading all over the world in late 1300’s. Mass production after Johann Gutenberg invents the movable-type press in 1440. One of the greatest Medieval entertainment and a top luxury amus...


The Most Anticipated Games from E3 2019


E3’2019 shows a great lot of titles to expect. Most major developers held their presentations there, with cinematic videos, trailers, gameplay demonstrations, and interviews. Here are ten of the titles we can’t wait to have on our devi...


How Video Games Affected (and Still Do) Pop Culture


When arcade machines were big, and home TV’s were small, few could imagine how strongly video games and movies would merge sooner than expected. But, as pop culture in postmodern times is syncretic, everything merges. Real life inspires writ...


Choose Your Best Strategy Game for PS4


Strategy games are not for everybody. They require skillful thinking and involvement. You can hardly play them among other things as if completely on the go. You should follow the plot, plan your actions, explore the environment, complete smart ch...