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The description of Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor is categorized as a suspenseful stealth horror video game in which you take on the role of a curiosity-driven boy aiming to sneak into his creep of a neighbor's house. Your mission is to uncover what the suspicious dude is hiding and whom he might hold captive in his dark basement… The Hello Neighbor game was released in 2017 for PC and Xbox One. Later, in 2018, it became available for Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android users.

Beautiful & Suspense-Inducing Artwork

Hello Neighbor will please you with its outstanding visuals clearly inspired by Tim Burton’s art style. The graphics are far from totally breathtaking, but they are good enough to create a beautiful fusion with the mysterious gameplay. On the whole, because the visuals are really good and the plot is suspenseful, you will definitely enjoy the exploration element of the game.

Even though Hello Neighbor is labeled as the horror title, the gameplay doesn’t contain blood and gore, so you can even let your teenage kids play it. As a matter of fact, the game’s visuals do a great job of filling the core gameplay with some really goosebumps-inducing elements of horror. Now, let’s discuss the Hello Neighbor gameplay in more detail.

Hello Neighbor: Imperfect Gameplay

In terms of the gameplay, Hello Neighbor is a hide-and-seek puzzle kind of game. Your only goal is to break into your creepy neighbor’s web of a house and find out what his possibly criminal plans are. He seems to be hiding something horrible in his basement, therefore, your ultimate goal is to find out what it is. If you let the Neighbor catch you, you’re going to have to start the mission all over again, which is a discouraging experience.

And the Neighbor will catch you. Over and over again. He has installed hidden cameras all over his house and the nearby area. Thus, while playing the game, you will also have to deal with an AI analyzing, predicting your every move, as well as acting upon this analysis in the future. Another disadvantage of the highly non-intuitive gameplay is that it starts without a single tutorial on what to do, forcing you to learn everything on the run. 

As a result, you’re going to have to get caught a lot without the possibility of saving your progress. About the mobile edition of the game, it features three acts and, just like the PC version, flaunts excellent visuals. The first act is free of charge, while the rest are presented as in-app purchases. The controls are not perfectly smooth, but possible to come to grips with.


  • awesome graphics;
  • mysterious plot;
  • suspenseful atmosphere;
  • brilliant concept.


  • poor concept execution;
  • lack of tutorial;
  • discouraging gameplay;
  • multiple bugs.


Hello Neighbor does have some untapped potential. But the dev team behind the game has failed to add genuine depth to it. On the one hand, you will fancy the suspense, the mystery, the visuals, and the overall hair-raising atmosphere of the game. On the other hand, its superficial and often illogical feel will definitely rain on your parade.

Professional Critic
Steve Nielsen

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Hello Neighbor

3 / 5
Hello Neighbor download apk, the latest version of the application
Author: b-deva
Latest Version: 1.0
Publish Date: 2016-10-23
Size: 80.2 MB

Hello Neighbor history

Version: 1.0 for Android 2.3.2+ - Latest Version!
Update on: 2016-10-26
Signature: b7a5a705549f0fbf3a6c89c4594f3ba5ee3893e6
APK File SHA1: 375d87ce34d7eb0d395238f60a8f80173343cd59

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