Here’s How You can Get PM Tickets for Free in Pokemon Quest


Pokémon Quest is an action-adventure game in the Pokémon series. As a part of its gameplay, your team of Pokémon explores a mysterious island teeming with wild Pokémon. You have a base camp in the game and other than that there are no signs of any civilizations. However, lack of anything else doesn’t mean you can’t earn or spend a currency.

There are PM Tickets which you can use for two things. First, with the help of these tickets, you can recharge your battery, thereby, exploring the mysterious island for more time. Every instant recharge costs you 25 PM Tickets. With one single recharge, you can easily clear five levels without the need for any refill. PM Tickets are also used to purchase items from the Poke Mart. There are various decorations which are listed on Poke Mart, with their price ranging from 50 to 800 PM Tickets. These decorations can help in increasing the number of ingredients you get while exploring the island, finding Pokemon with a multi-socket, etc. There are also box expansions to buy from the Poke Mart.

Having too many PM Tickets sounds quite beneficial and interesting, isn’t it? Here are two ways to get them for free.

Login Everyday

Pokemon quest gameplay

The game gives free PM Tickets to all the players on a daily basis. In order to get them, go to the Poke Mart, then tap on the tab that says ‘Member Service’. If there are tickets available, the ‘Receive PM Tickets’ button will be available for you. Hit the same button to get the tickets. Once you have received your PM Tickets, you will see a countdown that lets you know the time left for the ‘Receive PM Tickets’ button to be available again.

Do note that a random Pokemon turns up at your base in every 22 hours. Thus, in case, you don’t have time to play the game, you can simply log in to fetch both the PM Tickets and the Pokemon.

Complete Your Quests

Pokemon quest

The Pokemon Quest has two types of quests. They are ‘Main Quests’ and ‘Challenge Quests’. When it comes to main quests, these are those which you are accomplishing for the first time. On the other hand, Challenge Quests are those which reward you when complete certain achievements, for instance, collecting a number of Pokemon of the same type, cooking regularly, enhancing the strength of your Pokemon with training, etc. The best part about the Challenge Quests is that you don’t have to track them closely. Just play the game regularly and you will notice that you are also completing the Challenge Quests.

Tap on any of the quests to know the reward on its completion. However, in this case, specifically look for quests that yield PM Tickets. Though the quests may give you just 5 PM Tickets, they increase over time.

Follow these two aforementioned tips and never run out of this in-game currency. All the Best!