Starter Guide of Idle Heroes: How To Upgrade your Game


In this Idle Heroes Guide, you will find useful information, tips and strategies to become a winner.

It’s an Idle-RPG game which means the possibility of solving your tasks when you are offline. For example, you start the tasks, leave your game and when you go back, you can see your tasks completed.   

Idle Heroes is quite addictive and enjoyable game that requires a lot of time to collect and upgrade heroes and achieve the goal to build the best team ever. In this article, we collected the best tips and strategies to make your time spending in the game more pleasant and complete.  

Our strategies are connected with different structural elements of the game, including Idle System. We will also focus on your heroes and how to make them stronger. 

Tips and Strategies – Idle Heroes Guide

Here you will learn how to take your game to the next level and be superior to your friends. You will find out how to know your heroes better and upgrade their skills. All these tricks will help you become a master and discover all the secrets you’ll ever want to know. You will find them interesting and useful either you are a newbie or a veteran of such types of games. 

Play the Campaign

There is a great possibility to earn additional rewards while turning on the mode named campaign. You don’t even need to be active in the game to get bonuses and equipment. 

Another option you might like is to set a hero to auto-action when you are out of moves. The new equipment and rewards can be earned in the campaign mode. Your hero can wear the outfit, and the additional resources can be used while upgrading. The campaign mode has more advantages, so if you want more bonuses, you should think about playing it. Just enter idle mode, choose fight and pick up rewards and enjoy completed tasks while returning.

Battles and Quests Rotate Every Day!

Idle Heroes gameplay

Every day there are new quests and battles in the game, and if you are taking part in it, you have a chance to get rewards and bonuses. While taking part in the quests, you can make your hero more efficient and also you can learn about your hero’s abilities. Such activity doesn't take a lot of time and have plenty of advantages as you see!

Collect Diamonds

Diamonds is the rare and premium currency in the game that you can get in the case if you are an active player, so when you have a possibility to earn them - take it. And spend it when you really need. You should make daily quests, be active, complete other game modes and you will get ample supply of diamonds, and you can spend it on some important purchase like10 Heroic Summons to get new great warriors. 

Understanding the Creation Circle

Creation Circle is the place where you can sacrifice your useless heroes to create better heroes that will suit you. Use this feature carefully, only if you are sure that the hero you want to sacrifice is totally ineffective. If the hero was sacrificed, he never could be restored. Do it in the way you have some stronger characters, for example, you can sacrifice your 3 Level hero if you have enough of better heroes, like 4 or 5 - star heroes. 

The sacrificed hero could be helpful for upgrading, so read upgrade requirements carefully. Don’t sacrifice the hero if you have any doubts or if you think he will be useful in the future. 

Team Building Tips and Strategies

Idle Heroes gameplay

During the game, you will try to collect the best heroes and create a dream-team. Scarcely you have a 5-star hero at your game start. Mostly, at the beginning of the game, you will have heroes 3 or less level which are the weakest and the worst in the fights. As you may guess, your main priority must be getting the 4 or 5-star heroes as fast as possible. 

But no matter how big is your desire to upgrade all of your heroes to 5th level, you should remember that the highest-levelled ones are quite complicated to get. So make a goal to obtain as many 4-star heroes as you can at the start. During the creation of the best team ever and collecting all 5-level heroes, take part in fighting with your best 3 and 4-star warriors. It will be better for you to save the best one to the end so that your worst heroes die in battle at first.

Follow this strategy to keep the best heroes at the last line and your enemies’ warriors will not have any chances. Always be aware of the opponents’ strength and don’t forget to look at their rarity.