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The description of Fortnite

While being a paid fighting-and-building simulator involving collaboration and fortification heavily, Fortnite came to a breakthrough with introducing free Battle Royale mode. The idea of Battle Royale is inspired by the same-titled Japanese movie of 2000. The story remains: 100 fighters get deployed to the island, and only one should survive. You are one of these.

As you get deployed, all you have is you pickaxe you can use as a destruction tool to get materials or as a melee weapon. Anything else, from iron, stone, and wood to rifles, guns, ammunition, and medicines can be found right there. So fight anyone you see, as there’ll be only one left. If you need a shelter or a ladder up, get yourself enough materials and enter Building mode.

You’ll certainly need shelter, as the storm is coming, and it’s closing in. Finally, all the survivors will be pushed together in the small safe place, with nowhere to hide unless you build your final shelter for survival better than the rest. Another way to win is to kill them all.

The game is optimized for mobile devices perfectly. You can see textures load as you run through the terrain, even on iPad Pro, but it doesn’t irritate. The controls system is simple, like in most third-person view action games: a virtual joystick in the left the lower corner, with some buttons across the screen, and an area of camera control in the right.

Each season that lasts for right about a season, the developers roll our new features. There is only one island for now, but it gets new sites, biomes, and terrains constantly. New weapons and tools are also always here.

As for in-game payments, they’re made the fairest way. One cannot buy a real advantage, like more hit points or better weapons. But you can spend your V-Bucks o unique appearance, clothes, bands, customized weapons (that only look distinct) or pets that don’t actually help you except for making you recognizable.

As for early 2019, Fortnite is one of the most influential games in the industry. Your rivals come from all platforms, consoles, PCs or mobile devices. Available worldwide, it’s a real international hit. And due to its simplicity and low requirements, it will surely keep it high for long.

By the way, chances are Fortnite developers will soon introduce the Sandbox mode, so you can build your own island, with blackjack and players. This mode will probably have its thick share of Fortnite success too.


  • Simple idea and controls;
  • Construction and destruction combined in an unusual way;
  • Easy to learn, hard to master;
  • Donations can’t buy any advantage;
  • New seasons get the game reflavored.


  • The game has become too mainstream;
  • The process gets a few essential updates.


If you haven’t played Fortnite, or played it before it was mainstream, it’s time to refresh your impressions. Fighting one another and escaping the storm is an adventure that can’t be boring, and each time it gets more elaborate technically.

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Nataly Janssen

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Latest Version: 6.10.1
Publish Date: 2018-10-19
Size: 150.3 MB

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